My name is Aren. I’m a filmmaker, photographer, husband, father, and most importantly a follower of Christ. I have had the honor of capturing weddings across the states of Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.


My love for capturing moments with a camera began from a young age.  It wasn’t until I had filmed a few weddings for friends that I became passionate about capturing all of the precious moments of a wedding day and creating a film that would tell a story.


I met my wife in college and married a few years later. Looking back on our special day l wish we would have had the opportunity to hire a videographer. The saying is true, the day moves too quickly to remember the details. Over time even the ceremony becomes a bit fuzzy.


Now, I have the ability to capture those moments for others. Not just the key moments like the exchanging of vows or the first dance, but the moments between mother and daughter as they prepare for the day. Or the groom fastening his great grandfathers pocket watch into his tux vest. Those moments that become so dear and precious, yet are quickly forgotten if not forever captured in film.


If you would like to capture those precious moments and be able to cherish them for years to come, I would love to work with you!